“dreAMY” voiceovers

Listeners have described my speaking/narrating voice as “crystal clear,” “motherly,” “animated,” “mellow,” “poised,” “soothing,” and “full of expressive energy”!

With a versatile, dynamic range from young teen to seasoned grandmother, I can put the perfect touch on any voice product. I’m currently open for bookings of all types — let’s work together!

The human voice is the organ of the soul.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Your Voice
I would take your voice
And fill a tub with it
And soak in it for hours.
The vowels and consonants
And little laughs
Would articulate around me,
A sound sauna,
Caressing and deep.
And then I would
Take your voice
And roll it out
Like a blanket
And lie down in it
And let it hum me
To sleep.

-- Carol Lynn Pearson

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